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We are a Seattle-area house rabbit rescue and we have lots of great, healthy bunnies for adoption. We are also experts when it comes to special-needs house rabbits, and we want our website to become a resource for special-needs bunny owners. We care for 60-80 bunnies at our shelter, and we provide permanent sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. We are an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 organization. 

Enjoy our latest news & updates on our Special Bunny Rescue Facebook Page. Use the navigation on the left to dive into detailed information about our shelter, our bunnies, advice, resources, and much much more!

1 day ago

Special Bunny

"I'm here! Where are you?" Frodo, Opie and the crew are ready for you at the fabulous @drizzleandshine Somebunny to Love sale! Such a great #locallyowned #womanownedbusiness who supports the community! @ Drizzle & Shine ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Special Bunny

Big Cocoa Puff had a big scare when he choked recently. Now his wonderful mom is sharing our choking first aid video to help other buns! Would you know what to do? Please watch the video here and share! www.instagram.com/p/B8b5qEhFdMG/?igshid=1tg425m9lsfak

Edit: We just synced our Facebook with Instagram so we messed up the video link here. Sorry! So much to learn 😄

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・・・Many of our “insta-friends” have reached out in concern for dear Cocoa Puff. Luckily, Cocoa is healthy, but we did have a BIG scare a few weeks ago where we had to take a trip to the emergency vet because of a choking incident. (Please swipe left to see how to help your bunny if this happens to you). ⁣

The (very long) Story⁣: When I let Cocoa Puff out of his room one morning he looked at me, peed, and bolted out of the room as if he was extremely scared. He then rolled on his side and was jerking his head back, made grunting sounds, while fluid was coming out of his nose. I raced over to him but he kept running around the house repeating this terrifying scene. ⁣

I knew I didn’t have much time. I finally was able to catch him, and not knowing what to do, I picked him up to rush him to the nearest vet. As I carried him to the car he let out the most horrific scream— a sound I have never heard before. ⁣

Half way to the vet, Cocoa finally stopped struggling & I thought he had died. When, I got to the vet he was alive, exhausted, & breathing very hard. ⁣

By the time the vet was able to see us, Cocoa Puff just had a rattling sound in his throat when he breathed. He didn’t know what had happened, so the vet set us home with instructions to keep an eye on Cocoa Puff. ⁣

Because the vet was not “rabbit-savvy,” I immediately called our friend, Tamara (@hopperholic from @specialbunnyorg ), who FaceTimed us to check on him. She confirmed my suspicions that Cocoa Puff had choked on something but had miraculously dislodged it on his own—she said he was very, very, VERY lucky. ⁣

Soon after, I took Cocoa Puff to an exotic vet, who confirmed that he was healthy & didn't need antibiotics to treat possible pneumonia, which can occur after a choking incident. ⁣Because rabbits cannot vomit they are prone to choking. I knew this but had no idea there is a Heimlich Maneuver you can perform on your rabbit to help them. Thank you T
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